Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Day at Dad & Kim's

This year, we decided to do a seven-course dinner again. It is so much fun. After every course, a glass of wine is passed around. Prior to taking a sip, you say something you're thankful for. It can be something simple and superficial, or something profound and sentimental. We had some good laughs . . . and tears. God is good and we have much to be thankful for. Here are some pics:

Pumpkin Nut Soup, with cream
Wonderful raspberry salad
Seasoned pear, fig, apricot & date
Crab and lobster ravioli, and spinach feta ravioli
Sorbet, to cleanse the pallet
Our entertainment
Making these Thanksgiving cookies
Oh sugar, you are the BEST!
Getting ready for decorating
Oh oven, you are taking too long
Before you know it, everyone got into it
Some of our master-pieces
I think the sugar was getting to us
Brian's self-portrait
The whole fam

Thanksgiving Eve at my Mom's

Brian, Pop-Pop, Grammy
Ansley showing off her art work
Mom and I, after a long night

The Break Down

The day before Thanksgiving, we were headed out to Harrisburg, where my mom lives. We decided to take Brian's car. It was a nice ride -- sunny, warm.

About 15 minutes from my mom's house, Brian's car starts overheating. And, I mean overheating. Smoke is pouring out, and we're in the far left lane of a 4-lane highway. So, I roll my window down and we fight the cars all the way over to the right shoulder. Oh, did I mention that we're on a huge bridge -- that shakes. Ha, ha. Well, since the car is saying that coolent levels are low, Brian lets the car cool a bit and goes to refill the coolent (with extras from the trunk). But, he quickly looks around and says to me, "We not going anywhere." Our radiator house blew, and that is what the coolent goes through. Therefore, more coolent will not do the job.

Thankfully, a highway safety patrol truck (with towing capabilities) quickly sees us and comes to our rescue. The catch is that he can only take us off the highway, to the bottom of the closest exit ramp -- where nothing is of course. So, we finally coordinate a second tow truck, which takes us to a Pep Boys. We have hopes that Pep Boys can fix the car that night (as they had said over the phone), but alas they don't have the part we need. Oh, and this is hilarious: I ask the tow truck dude how much it will be -- he says $70 in cash (no checks). Brian and I of course don't have one dollar on us. Thankfully, my mom who came to get us had $65 in cash, and scrounged up $5 of change in the car. That poor two-truck dude, and what a mom! I wanted to give him a tip, so he finally let me write a check for that. What a night!

So, we left Pep Boys because Thanksgiving dinner was on the table with hungry people back at my mom's house. The car had to wait. We were a bit frazzled, but enjoyed family and great food. Then, Brian got on the phone with all the local automotive places, trying to find the part we needed before everything closed at 9pm for the holiday. Brian wanted to get back home that night. You have to know that Brian has some car knowledge from working at Sears Auto for a few years. He's certain we can do the job on our own. So, good old Advanced Auto Parts has what we need. My mom takes us there. $30 later, and we are loaded with 3 gallons of collent, a radiator hose, a razor blade, and 2 new clamps. We're set. Back to the car. Brian and I joked that I was the nurse and he was the surgeon. I held the flashlight (because it was 9:30pm), and he began the dirty work. I also assisted with cutting the raditor hose to the right length. And, I cleaned everything up. Brian was amazing. In 10 minutes, we were ready to go. And, after much prayers, we ended up getting home safely around midnight. God is so good. And, we were so happy it was only $100, rather than the cost of a dealership (who wouldn't even have been able to work on it until the weekend!).

And, that is an adventure with Brian and Mary.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I was tagged

I was tagged by Lydia. And here are 8 random things about me (and some of Brian):

1. When eating, I rotate each bite of food with each various item. And, I do it so perfectly that I rarely has a disproportionate amount of one thing on my plate at any one time. Everything disappears at the same rate. For example, if I have chicken, broccoli, and rice on my plate, it is eaten as: a bite of chicken, a bite of rice, a bite of broccoli, and so on. Whereas Brian eats one thing on his plate at a time – very focused on the one, and then on to the next. He likes to eat salad always first, and in it’s entirety, where I like to slowly eat it throughout the meal.

2. I am a get-up-when-your-alarm-clock-goes-off-for-the-first-time. I prop myself up in bed on my elbow, and it begins to hurt if I don’t get up. I don’t let my head hit the pillow again. Brian enjoys being serenaded by his alarm clock. (He usually always gets less sleep than me, so I understand it’s a bit more difficult to get up).

3. I hate to be cold, and I often am. I must have poor circulation or something. I like to think exercising helps combat that, but I don’t know. Brian on the other hand is my little heater. My common phrase is “Keep me warm. Keep me warm” (in a goofy little voice . . . I have many goofy voices).

4. I’ve moved 10 times in my life. And, I hate moving. And, we just did it. As organized as I try to be, it never really works out like I thought. There’s always more to do.

5. I use a ridiculous amount of ketchup on my hamburger and cheesesteaks. Each bite must have ample ketchup. I don’t really use ketchup on much else. Brian could pass on ketchup; he is a Frank’s hot sauce guy. If Brian’s nose is sweating (from the hotness of his food), he’s in heaven.

6. I don’t wear deodorant, and I never have. Weird, I know. I have a keen sense of smell, and I don’t have BO. I love perfume, and where it all the time. Sometimes in the summer, I’ll wear deodorant for extra measure.

7. I am a clapper. I don’t even know I clap most often. I clap when I’m done a project or finish cooking something or ready to go on to the next thing. Sometimes the clap is accompanied by a little hop of excitement. Sometimes the clap is just out of sheer clapping enjoyment – I have such a loud, crisp clap. Brian loves clapping too – thank goodness!

8. In most life situations, I am observing people and always putting myself in their shoes. Like with a movie, I feel like I’m a character and always thinking what I’d do in that situation (hence, a crier). If a friend or family member is preparing to give a speech or something, I’m often more nervous for them than they are. I think I vicariously live through other people’s decisions, mistakes, life events – almost in a way teaching me. It can get over-the-top though.

The rules:1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.2. People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they are tagged and reminding them to read your blog.

I tag: AC, Kristen, Alina, Brooke, April, Maryanne, Mary Bell, Heather

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So, we moved!

Yep, we can't believe it either! We didn't plan to move until Thanksgiving weekend . . . but, since the new house got done it's renovations this past week, and we were getting a lot set up there . . . we decided to move up the date. So, since last Sunday, we've been officially sleeping there!

We couldn't be more thankful for the house and the whole situation. Some of you might know, we had been renting a single home since we got married. We were able to do a lot of fixing up there, since it was going to be torn down. (The reason for being torn down is that there are plans to build a super Wawa -- like a 7-11 -- right where we live). So, we knew our time was limited in the old house, but we sure enjoyed it!

Kindly enough, the people we rent from (knowing the entire situation) offered for us to move into another property they recently bought. They decided to gut and refurbish the entire house too! And, we could help customize it! What an unexpected blessing! Our new house is literally new -- brand new kitchen (cabinets, countertops, flooring), new paint, new bathroom, new carpets, exterior was painted, and they are re-landscaping the outside. Who could ask for more?!!! We are delighted with the new place, and you must come and visit!

Here are some pictures before we moved in. There will be more to come soon -- with the "after-having-moved-in" look:

The study/library - the paint was Brian's pick . . . looks good!

The study has a nice fireplace

The kitchen

A close up

Other side of the kitchen, where the frig goes

Standing in the kitchen eating area, looking toward the dining room

The sunroom is off the kitchen -- will be our living room

Another view of the sunroom

Standing in the dining room, facing the front door

The dining room, from standing a the stairs

Upstairs bathroom - aqua and black tiled

A corner of our bedroom

The we're-not-sure-what-we're-doing-with-this-room-yet. Brian claimed it as his X-box room . . . maybe it will be for a kiddo someday :)

The guest bedroom