Friday, July 30, 2010

Strasburg Railroad

When my brother and his family came up to PA for a visit, my mom scheduled for all of us to have lunch aboard a steam train. My little nephew Caleb is pretty much enthralled with all modes of transportation, and loves trains. We all met at Strasburg Railroad in Lancaster and had such a fun afternoon together. It was busy with 5 little ones, but it was great to be together. Lunch on a moving train is a little challenging, but looking out over the hills of Amish country is always beautiful. Oh, and afterward we couldn't resist getting some old-timey pictures done!

My bro and his fam! Too cute!
All of us :)
David & Daddy on the train
Me and my Mom :)
Caleb & Ansley . . . big kids, at their own table.
John, Jacob, Robin, (and Charlotte behind her)
The steam train
Me and my neice Charlotte (2 months older than David)
Brian juggling the little ones
Cousins :) . . . David sure loves the camera!

Krissy's baby shower

(I'm still catching up on June folks . . .) My BFF Krissy is expecting her second baby one year after her first, almost to the day. This time she's having a little boy. We wanted to shower her with some boy things and some extra baby supplies. She will have her hands FULL in a few weeks. It's been fun for us to be moms together even though she's a few hours away. First time moms always have lots of questions and stories to share. I love you Kris and we can't wait to meet your little boy!! (Our 3rd BFF, Tamara is on the left!)

Here are some pictures . . .
Katie munching on veggies . . . good girl!
Some of us ladies
So cute!

Summer Youth Basketball

This is the second year that Brian organized youth basketball at our church for grades 3rd-8th. It's on Thursday nights all summer. Kids from our church and community come out to learn basketball skills, hear a lesson about God, and have a fun time making new friends. I (Mary) work the registration table with David. David always brings a smile to the kids' faces -- I love that!

Here are some pictures from this summer so far . . .
Lots of cheering! (Parents like to watch)
Brian the referee

This is what happens when others take the camera . . . lots of photos of David
Aunt Joy and DavidMegan and David
Aunt Jenna & David
Showing off for the girls

First Bee Sting

David and Daddy were watching soccer on TV one afternoon in June. David was happily drinking his bottle on Daddy's lap, and Mommy was working upstairs in her office. David starts screaming and Daddy sees a huge wasp on him. Daddy then gets stung on his hand also (vicious wasp). Mommy comes down wondering what happened. Daddy conquers the wasp and reminds David, "Daddy always wins." Daddy catches his breath and is ready to move on. Mommy and Daddy watch for possible swelling that never comes -- hallelujah!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

GG & Pappy come for the summer!

We are all so happy to have GG & Pappy up here from Florida for the summer! David has so enjoyed his time with them! Here are some pictures to prove it!!! (GG has long-awaited photos with her first grandchild!!!)

Starring up at GG

Delicious Rice Cereal.

That's what David thinks at least. He began rice cereal on June 18th. David was SOOOO ready, and he gobbled down each bite. He began shaking with excitement at one point. Since then, we've introduced various other foods, none of which he doesn't joyfully gobble up.

Here's my very first video on our blog. (I know, I'm behind the times). Let me know if it doesn't load right.

My new job

Right out of college, I had the opportunity to work for David (to my right) & Cindy (to my left) for 4 years. And, I'm actually working for them again now. They sold their court reporting company in Philly and moved to South Carolina where they started EveryWord Inc., another court reporting company. At Christmas, while Cindy was in town she came to visit us (and more importantly see little David). She was sharing with us how they would need help with their new company, and that I might be able to work for them, working from home. All the details slowly fleshed out over the next few months, and in mid-June I had training down at their home in SC. It was so great to see them, and we definitely got a lot accomplished. (I missed Brian and David and was so excited to come home to them, but my trip was really nice and productive).

Since getting home, I've been working full-time from home, and I LOVE it! I was worried about being motivated and balancing home life and work, but it's been a pretty good transition. I am so motivated to work hard, and I love working each day. I must say it is wonderful to have Brian home all summer watching David. I love eating lunch together.

So, you're probably wondering what I actually do. I promote a special niche of court reporting called CART, Communication Access Realtime Translation. CART is most commonly a service for deaf and hard of hearing, but also helpful for individuals learning English as a second language or individuals who are physically unable to take notes. It is most often offered in academic settings, but also corporate settings. A court reporter provides CART services for the individual by transcribing the spoken words (via a steno machine) into text, word-for-word in real time. The recipient views the text on their laptop or projection screen. Not only does this aid incredibly with class participation, CART also produces a transcript (basically word-for-word notes) that the individual/student can highlight, do searches in, and write comments . . . and then take with them in order to reference or study from later. CART services have really been a tremendous asset to deaf and hard-of-hearing, and it can now be done remotely. EveryWord offers on-site and remote CART, and my job is to promote it -- connecting the CART providers with the individuals who need it. Check out our website for more details:

Here are some pictures from my trip down to SC, mostly of David & Cindy's home. It was a very nice place to visit.


Yup, he sported the popped-collar (thanks Daddy) for church one morning. I think he looks ready for Harvard. (Thanks Amy Claire for the cute shoes!)

We told him to look away from the camera to do his serious pose. He worked it pretty well.

He really can't help smiling!

6 months old

6 months came faster than we thought! David is now starting to sit up, beginning to hold his own bottle, loves to hear himself jibber-jabber, smiles tons, rolls around with his toys, and has dropped down to 3 naps a day. We love you little guy and are so proud of you!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

David, meet the pool. Pool, meet David.

Brian introduced David to the pool for the first time at our youth initiation night. I think he liked it. I sure hope he likes it, . . . because we're beach and pool people, not mountains people.

The fam, pre-pool experience.

First, dangle the legs in

Ooo, touching the water.

Before you knew it, David was jumping in

David liked his new hairdo especially, but the pool was cool too

It's prom time!

Joy went to prom this year with a friend from our church. It was a treat for me to do her hair. I must say it had been a while since I did an up-do, but it was so fun! And, boy did Joy look nice!!!! As you can tell, we had fun taking photos of her and her friends!! Joy's BFF (Megan) went too, so we couldn't help ourselves clicking away!

Joy & Megan -- BFFs
Joy & Nick
David LOVES these two!
Nick & Joy
Dad, Joy & Kim :)
The line up
I just couldn't resist. It looked so nice :)
Very cool girls
Blowing kisses
All the couples.
Tuckered. Out.