Sunday, June 29, 2008

We're back . . . with our ghetto camera

No, no. This is not our ghetto camera. This was our old camera. We have said our good-byes to our old camera. I should post some "Have you seen me?" posters around town. We miss him!

Unfortunately, we really did lose our camera. Sad . . . it was my gift to Brian about 2 years ago. It was a nice Canon. Oh well, I've been wanting to upgrade anyways. Any suggestions all you pro-bloggers?!!! For now, we've been using my old camera, a.k.a. the ghetto camera. You know, it's one of those honking-huge cameras. Hey, it does the trick though. Both posts below exhibit ghetto camera's photos.

Camera aside, life is slowing down a bit . . . and I'm trying to de-stress. I'm learning again what it means to rest -- a HARD thing for me! I have lots to learn. Brian and I will both enjoy some time at the Ocean City, NJ the end of this week. We CANNOT wait!!! It will be super fun to be with family, and for us to get to meet my new little foster-baby nephew!

I'll leave you with Romans 15:13 . . . May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Soccer Day

Our church has had the privilege of getting to know some young men from Christ Academy. Christ Academy is a small school in northern Philly for Liberian boys -- middle school and high school grades. It's a really special place. These boys have moved to Philly from Liberia with their families for various reasons -- many for safety reasons. At Christ Academy, they receive a classical education and honestly learn a lot more than just academics. They joined our church for our Spring youth retreat. Brian quickly noticed their incredible soccer skills on the retreat, and found out that these boys rarely get to place soccer because of safety issues in their Philly neighborhood.

So, the wheels started turning in Brian's head . . . and he (along with some Christ Academy leaders) planned a "Soccer Day." It was originally meant to be an outreach in their Philly neighborhood. But, for various reasons we ended up moving the event to our area (about 45 minutes away). We invited youth from our church, and altogether we had about 50 people at the soccer day. And, if you didn't like soccer, that was okay because we also had frisbee and volleyball and a play ground for any little kiddos. It was a fun day in the sunshine, and I think a lot of the boys (and a few girls) got their soccer fix. We started the day with prayer, played hard, drank lots of water and Gatorade, and then headed back to our house for a cookout. It was a fun afternoon, and it's a joy partnering with that school. I think we were all blessed.

One team
Versus another team Chillin in the shade Mike & Sophia Me and Joy A mountain of woodchips -- seriously. I got a splinter

Senior Banquet

Each year, our church has a banquet to celebrate the graduating seniors (some shown to the left). Everyone dresses up, almost like it's a formal. It's a special time to honor the seniors -- sharing stories about them, watching a slide show of their life, having them share about their future plans, and having a time to pray for them. We also got to watch a slideshow of the entire last year for youth group. I think we all look forward to this night. We also enjoyed a gourmet meal. And, I can't help but give a shout out to the girls who decorated the club house -- it looked great, and I had fun taking you shopping for the supplies!

Us and Joy Me and the senior high girls - I'm leaning rather oddly Some of the boys and leaders, my hubby in the middle Special bro and sis (Megan is my sister's best friend) Too cute

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where did the last month go?!!!

(Sorry for lack of pictures. We can't find our camera.)

We’ve been enjoying these past few weeks, but boy have they been packed full! I’m waiting for a little “slower pace of summer” that I dream about  . . . maybe sometime soon. For lack of knowing how to sum up the last few weeks . . . here it is:

May 16-17: Senior high girls sleepover at our house . . . with chicken parmesan, lots of talking games, and a movie

May 17: After the girls leave, we head to Washington, D.C. for a one-man show by Max McLean. We went with our friends the Shovers. MaxMcLean performed the Screw Tape Letters (by C.S. Lewis) . . . incredible! Then, we had a dinner out on the town.

May 18: Celebrated Mother’s Day late with my step-mom . . . family over for a meal

May 19: Mary Kay party at our house. My friend Courtney from Washington state was in and asked for me to host a party. It was a fun time – 12 of us!

May 20: Brian had a church softball game . . . which I am a HUGE fan of!

May 21: Fundraiser dinner for our church missions team. Then, band practice for me at church (for our worship team).

May 22: I got my hair cut . . . ha, ha . . . I wanted a change . . . so the hairdresser put my hair in a pony tail and buzzed off the whole ponytail with clippers. He loves to be dramatic. Anyway, I really like the cut.

May 23: Brian and I enjoyed a night out!!! It was nice to take a deep breath. Dinner at Olive Garden. Gotta love birthday gift cards – thanks Jenna!

May 24: Joy (my sister) had a piano recital. Then, we headed to a graduation party of my best friend’s (Krissy’s) brother. I hadn’t seen her (or her fam) in ages! It was a blast!

May 25: After church, the college and career served the monthly meal for homeless/low income people in the area. Then, we had a picnic at our leader’s house. You may wonder why we (as a married couple) still do stuff with the college and career . . . it’s because Brian is a deacon over this group . . . and they are so many of our close friends.

May 26: Memorial day . . . clean the house, lunch with my friend Krissy, and then a cookout at our house with family.

May 27: Prepare my Bible study lesson for senior high tomorrow night

May 28: (At work, I moved to a suite downstairs; just our operations department moved; I’m starting to like the new digs). That night, senior high girls over our house. . . fun with chocolate fondue and Bible study

May 29: I have a women’s committee from church over for dinner (WIC, for those of you familiar with it). There were 6 of us. It was our annual end-of-the-year dinner for the committee ladies. Brian also had a softball game this evening, which I couldn’t attend.

May 30: My sister Joy joins us for dinner at Uno’s and then we have a sleepover. I did a trial-run of styling her hair for her 8th grade graduation. So fun!

May 31: Leave for a wedding at 1pm. The wedding was for my old roommate Jamie. It was so wonderful and the homily was excellent. And, we went with my friend Krissy and her husband Steve. It was like a double date – we loved it!

June 1: Luncheon after church to celebrate new members. We went over to friends of ours whose daughters got baptized that day, and celebrated with them. Special times! Then, we went to a cookout that night with college and career.

June 2: I had an orthodontist appointment after work – argh! I don’t like those. I was loaded up on Advil. Then, I headed to Brian’s softball game with a Wawa milkshake in-tow to help me gain my sanity from all the pain.

June 3: Run errands with hubby and have a Mary Kay call for an hour at 8pm.

June 4: Phillies game with work peeps. I organized the event. There were 14 of us. We ended up having an extra ticket, so Brian joined us! The rain held off, and we had fun . . . even though the Phillies lost. We had great seats!

June 5: My sister Joy graduated from 8th grade, which apparently is a big thing at Plumstead Christian School. It was so wonderful! Joy has a girl in her class who has struggled with cancer for a year now. It was very tearful and joyful to see her graduate. She had a stroke while in surgery for her brain tumor, and God is working mightily to restore her.

June 6: Friends of ours, the Crowells come over for dinner. Brian grills. It was a fun time. Then, we packed in order to leave early for Pittsburgh the next day.

June 7: Leave at 7:30am for Pittsburgh with friends of ours. Brian and I got to ride in the back of their Jaguar the whole 5 hours. We loved it. And, we love the friends we were with, Pam and Steve. We had super conversation, and honestly our car ride was so refreshing for me – a rare thing for a car-sick-prone person. We then enjoyed our friend’s (John and Beth’s) wedding. Their reception was on John’s family’s farm. It was beautiful, but a VERY hot day.

June 8: We leave the hotel early to make it back home for 2 graduation parties. Pam and Steve were also attending them. We listened to a sermon by R.C. Sproul in the car. It was a great time. Then, we attended parties from 2-8:30pm.

June 9: I prepare my lesson for senior high girls Bible study tomorrow night. And, I always make phone calls to each of them (usually 2 nights before, but this time it was the night before). So, 22 phone calls and then prepping the lesson.

June 10: Senior high girls over for make-your-own-pizzas and Bible study. It was extra special because my sister just moved up to senior high this summer, so she joined us for the first time. I am loving that.

June 11: Attended a memorial service for a friend of ours mother. The family attends our “sister” church. It was a sad but also joyous time as we know she is with our Savior. She was only 57. Her testimony was unbelievable and such an inspiration.

June 12: Tonight, we head to Brian’s softball game. I have to leave early for worship team practice at church (which I love, but wish it didn’t conflict with Bri’s game).

June 13: Relax after work with my hubby . . . whatever floats our boat!

I guess things have seemed pretty busy. But, don’t worry, Brian and I still get to see each other during this rather packed schedule. I never anticipated May and June being so full. Maybe this is a normal routine for a mom. I think I’d definitely like one night a week though without plans or a necessary agenda. I guess this kind of explains why I haven’t blogged. I’ve been thinking of you readers though . . . knowing that you’ve probably given up on us :) . . .

Well, enjoy the weekend. More to come . . . sometime soon . . .