Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter . . . and turning 29!

This year I got to share my birthday with Easter -- that's something special (but, not a first). It was an incredibly sunny day, reminding me of so many blessings . . . starting with our Savior's sacrifice and resurrection (Hallelujah!), rich fellowship at church as we have Easter breakfast together, being with family and friends, and all the ways my hubby blessed me (really during the whole weekend). Oh, and the icing on the cake was that it was a 4-day weekend for both Brian and I.

Bri always decorates the kitchen for my birthday, and I love it

We slimmed down from last year's 14 Easter guests to just 9

I am in love with our forsythia bushes -- I'm always snipping it

Jenna and the jalepeno-cream cheese-bacon appetizers that her finger burned and swole up from . . . oh, but they were good!

Bri perfecting his lambchop appetizers . . . mm mm good!

The lambchops really need their own picture

All the Easter peeps . . . a special shout-out to the Riggall's, we love you guys!

While we're at it, we really should show the latest Hand addition, compliments of Jeremy Riggall . . . it's not often friends find you a new dishwasher . . . many, many thanks!

We had a chance to be with more family on Easter evening . . .

And some more family: cousins Rachel, Michelle & Mark

Happy Birthday Jenna!

We had some fun times at Outback for Jenna's birthday dinner! There was lots of family and "covenant" family as we call it . . . church peeps that are like family.

Here I am with the birthday girl. Jenna, I'm thankful to have you as my sister-in-law!

The main reason Jenna loves Outback: bloomin' onions!

Me, my sis, my sis's BFF, and my sis-in-law . . . love these girls!

Playing goofy games while we wait on dinner

Jenna in love with her Tinkerbell cake . . . she's our Disney lover!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hand Designs

My business, Hand Designs sure has been keeping me on my toes lately. Between all the bridal showers and baby showers this Spring has brought, there have been many other orders coming in. Here is a bridal shower gift to the left.

I've also recently done a towel cake, matching the bridesmaid's fushia dresses . . .

Here are some more announcements and recent stationery

Hello blog

It's been a while -- over a month. Life has been full, and the blog had to take a back seat.

After glancing at my picture, you may have thought I've gone crazy. Uhm, probably yes. Or, just being silly on the girls youth retreat, and someone happened to capture it. Most of February and March I was preparing for leading a girls youth retreat up in the Poconos. I was one of the 3 woman leaders, and there were about 25 girls. Guess what? I got to drive a 15 passenger van all weekend. It was honestly a blast; I never would have thought. The theme of the weekend was True Beauty. We had a session on beauty and your identity (in Christ), a session on modesty, and one on dating/sexual purity. God really answered lots of prayers that weekend. I love watching girls bond and seeing friendships grow. It's hard not to think of these girls as your own kids a lot of time. Some weekend highlights: playing 4-on-a-couch, watching the girls interact with the lessons, bonding as we shopped at the outlets, swimming in the rec center, and being goofy girls.

I wish I took more pictures, but honestly it's the last thing on my mind when there are 25 girls that need your attention. I often just handed off the camera to someone and asked for them to click away. Here are a few shots.