Friday, February 26, 2010

Krissy and Katie

Folks, the blog thing has been hard to get to lately, as you can see! Sorry for you faithful blog-checkers. Work and school schedules make it difficult to find the time. So, I'm catching up with . . . 7 posts!
Last weekend, David and I had a fun time visiting with Krissy and Katie (and Steve). Krissy is a BFF, and it's so fun to be mammas together. Katie is 4 months older than David, and . . . Krissy is expecting another little one just 2 weeks after Katie's first birthday! How exciting!

David had fun with Krissy. He apologies for all the spit up . . .

The smiley kiddos :) . . . first play date . . . hmm, I guess

Mom, what are you doing? Why is that black thing in front of your face?!!

Happy boy, happy mama!

Special time with Nana

David gets to spend special time with Nana on M/W/F mornings, and he loves it! I work from home those times while Brian is at school. Nana comes to play with David while he's not napping or feeding. He loves to great Nana with big smiles when she walks in. And, Aunt Joy joined Nana on a day off from school. David was in heaven!

While Mommy's at work . . .

David: "Dad, I think we should do something fun while Mommy is at work. First we'll make snow angels for two hours, then we'll go ice skating, then we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie-dough as fast as we can, and then we'll snuggle." Daddy: "Well David, since you turned 2 months today, I think you're old enough for an adventure. I see you're prepared with your snow outfit."

David: Dad, snow angels are harder than I thought. How about I just rest in this shovel?.
David: Dad, I'm not so sure the shovel is all that comfy. Dad, can we go in and get warm?

David: Wow Dad, I loved that bath, and a snuggly robe is perfect after the snow adventure!

David: Dad, come snuggle! Oh, and bring the cookie dough with you.

David: Is that the cookie dough I see?!!

David: Well, either way I had fun on our adventure Dad!

David: Yo, yo. What's up Dad? Snuggle time on the couch.

David: We'll have to tell Mommy about this adventure!

8 weeks

David has realy begun to LOVE his toys. He gives a big smile to his animal friends each morning that hang over his swing. He loves to kick the ball that hangs over his play mat. He's a bit vain, and loves looking at himself in the mirror. He is learning sign language, and he loves smiling at us whenever we sign. Oh, and he loves blinds on windows -- he could stare at them all day.

Just call him Mr. Mom

Bri is such a great dad! The picture to the left is classic. Bri & David are rocking out to Keith Green. Well, you can tell David isn't rocking out any longer. He's out. Keith can gave that effect on David. Brian likes to sing along with Keith, and David will often be seen with a praise hand lifted up. It really is priceless to happen upon them in the living room. I think it's dad-son bonding.
Since I've (Mary) gone back to work fulltime (with working at home some), Brian gets to spend lots of time with David. David is doing really well with the new schedule; we're very thankful. The two shots below are Brian's handiwork: David snoozing in his Boppy on the couch. This way, Daddy can get some work done.

7 weeks

David isn't too sure about turning 7 weeks. You can tell. And, he's wondering where his shirt is. He's tired of the paparazzi. He's got a lot on his mind. His life is so hard . . . that's what we tell him when he starts whining.

A Night Owl?

Is this hat not a hoot? Ba, doomp ching! David is hooting in the picture :). David got this hat from my good friend Amy Claire. Amy included a note with the gift, "I hope you don't have a night owl." And folks, we don't have a night owl . . . (insert Hallelujah Chorus). I'm SO thankful, especially having gone back to work. God is gracious. David sleeps all night . . . 9:30pm to when I wake him, usually 5am or 6am. Then, David and I watch some news and read the Bible during his first feeding (while Daddy sleeps). I've grown to like our little routine.