Saturday, October 24, 2009

32 weeks

Well, this was me at 32 weeks (one morning before work . . . why is it so hard to remember to take prego pictures?!!). As of Monday, I'll be 34 weeks.

Folks, I am grow-ing! I'm definitely starting to get uncomfortable. I just told Brian today that he's going to have to start putting on my socks and shoes soon, lol. I'm starting to swell some, sleeping is getting quite uncomfortable, and exercising is getting more and more low-key (swimming really has been wonderful).

We can't wait to meet our soon in a few short weeks, Lord willing.

My first baby shower

I was SO suprised folks! Really. My step-mom, sister-in-law and many church ladies threw a surprise baby shower for me a few weeks ago. I was blown away with the out-pouring of our church family. (A picture of some of the loot is to the left . . . taking over our house). It was a special time, and it was super fun to get stuff for our Little Man. Our nursery was looking a little bare, and now it's starting to take on some sort of form. We still are in need of most of the "big-ticket" items . . . but, we have another shower coming this next weekend. Wow, God really is so good. We're very thankful. And, we really are so excited to meet our little son.
Belly shot of my cousin Michelle and me
Opening gifts
Slowly organizing some of the loot

Football Season

Yes, we know it's professional football season, but I'm talking about Brian's football coaching season. (If you're wondering, we are serious Eagles' Fans). This is Brian's, hmm well, I guess 8th season coaching. He really is quite the coach. This season has been spect-a-cu-lar! Seriously folks, the team has only had 6 pointed scored on them all season! They pretty much annihilate every team. Brian is doing a great job, and I love being a fan!

Apple Day

For those of you who've been following my blog for more than a year (not sure how many of you faithful folks are out there) . . . Apple Day has been a annual tradition for the senior high girls. We usually go apple picking and then have an afternoon of apple-baking madness. This year, Treva (another leader) hosted -- thank you! I'm just getting to slow as I work in the kitchen toward the end of my pregnancy, and it's nice to simply help in someone else's kitchen right now.

So, this year, we made delicious Apple Dapple Cake, caramel apple crisp, caramel apples, and one amazing lattice-topped apple pie. Nice work ladies!! It was a wild, fun time!

Hostess with the mostess
Silly with apple peels
These girls are pros!
Pardon us, just dig in

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bathroom Renovation

While I was away on a girls youth retreat in March, Brian began the renovations on our downstairs bathroom. It was the only room in the house that was not renovated prior to us moving in back in November 2007. The picture to the left doesn't really do justice to the need for renovations, . . . but the walls were very cheap wallboard that would sage if you leaned into them, the wood trim was broken and jagged near the base boards, the sink was large and made it difficult for people to squeeze by, it wasn't insulated so it was cold in winter, there was no fan, and the ceiling showed leak marks. So, we thought it was time for renovations, especially with thinking about a little one coming and it almost being hazardous with the jagged wood especially.

Before the pictures, I must thank my hubby for ALL the VERY HARD work he put into this bathroom. I love it now, and actually want to use it. Brian calls it "his bathroom" now.

Here are the pictures showing the transformation . . .

Beginning the insulation installation
Insulation complete
Drywall complete
Sanding and painting begins
The final product

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wicked in NYC

Just yesterday, I got to go to NYC with my dad and little sister to see Wicked. It was a very special treat. My step-mom was supposed to go with them, but she was unable to, . . . so I happily took her spot. Joy had much-anticipated this play, having wanted to see if for 4 years now and having the entire soundtrack memorized. It was especially fun to see her enjoy it so much -- her first Broadway show. We had seats in the orchestra area, and I loved it.

We had a chance to roam around NYC too, and ate lunch at Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay's restaurant Bar Americain. It was in-cred-i-ble folks! Wow!

In and around Times Square

Joy in the insanely huge M&M store

The view from our table in Bar Americain

Unbelievably satisfied after lunch

Headed in for the show!

What a fun Dad-Daughter Day!

We took the plunge

Yup, we've gone through 3 cameras in less than 3 years of marriage. And, when we try to get them fixed (or realize we left them at a wedding), we get told they are simply not worth fixing. Argh. That might also explain the lack of pictures and posts on this blog. Really, what are posts without at least one or two pictures ;)?

So, in anticipation of the baby we thought it was time. And, this time we got warranties . . . and I mean extended warranties . . . on both cameras. Yes, we decided to buy two. Why? Because I've really been wanting a fancy-shmancy SLR and we want a little one to throw into our pocket/purse.

So, we decided on these two . . .

Nikon D40

Nikon S570

And, we've had a blast fiddling around with them. You'll see some pictures soon.

So, that will fulfil Brian's birthday in December and my Christmas present. I'm very happy with our purchases.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

California and back!

For over a year, I had hopes of making it to my college homecoming this October, but that wasn't going to happen for various reasons, and very importantly because I didn't feel comfortable with flying at almost 33 weeks. So, instead my mom and I flew out to CA (when I was only 28 weeks) for me to see Brooke (my college BFF) and for my mom to visit some of her friends. It was such a great trip! It was truly refreshing to catch up with Brooke and meet her (adopted) daughter Rachel, and it was enjoyable to be in such a pretty area of the country. Brooke was a delightful hostess, and was so accomodative to my more low-key needs right now with pregnancy. Brooke and I seem to pick up wherever we last left off, like our conversation never ended (even though lots happens in our lives). She is a precious friend to me, and has taught me so much. It was a joy to see her as a mom and hear how God is shaping and molding her life.

Here I am with Rachel at Basil, a great Thai restaurant in Paso Robles

Here is the cute Cone fam, minus a few

A view of the "golden hills" of CA, headed back to San Jose

Back with my mom and her friends in Saratoga, at Dio Deka for dinner -- delish!

My mom and her friend Joyce

Joyce and her husband Ted, who hosted us in Saratoga for a few days

I really wish Brian could have traveled with me, but due to school and coaching football that just wasn't feasible. I did have a wonderful time with my mom though. I must confess she spoils me. We got chair massages at the airport, she treated me to Starbucks (my fav: Vivanno Banana Chocolate Frappacino), to a facial and pedicure at Preston Wynne Spa (can we say WOW?!!!!), and she always carried my luggage. I was honestly surprised at how refreshed I was when I came back. I had made sure to get good sleep, and I was SUPER excited to see my Brian when I came back home.

Brian met us after we landed in Philly for dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday. We had a great time at Morimoto's.