Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Catching up

When life gets busy . . . the blog gets back-burnered . . . 9 posts below . . . trying to catch up a little. Thanks for being a faithful checker-inner . . .

David is overwhelmed thinking about all the reading below . . .

Mother's Day

It's an honor to be a mother. I truly believe that. It's an honor to be parents. God has graciously blessed us with a happy and healthy boy that we don't deserve. I am so very thankful. This is just the beginning of the fun and wild and demanding journey of motherhood :) . . .

I cannot complete this post without also mentioning that Brian preached 3 sermons at church on Mother's Day also. To God be the glory! And, little David turned 5 months on Mother's Day also. A big day all around. A day to celebrate!

Oh, and one more thing . . . a big thank you to my Mom, Step-Mom, and covenant moms!!! You truly bless me, each in your own ways!!!!

Laughing together . . .
Brian (and David) outdid themselves!!!!
From Bri
From David
Dad & Joy laboring over our lunch -- thank you!
4 Generations on Mother's Day

David's Baptism

Welcoming your son into the covenant family . . . is simply incredible. We were brimming with joy celebrating David's baptism. We pray every day for his heart: that he would see his need for Jesus at an early age and grow in godly wisdom . . . and that we would be godly parents. We were honored to celebrate with so much family and friends.

(If this blog had sound, this picture would have lots of screaming . . . )
The incredible cake my mom brought from Harrisburg! Yum!
Fun time with Nanny-D!
Aww. Precious!
3 Generations . . . (I was taking the photo, . . . so consider it 4 :)

Bouncing on Pop-O's knee

David had an extra special visit one Friday with not only Nana, but also Pop-O . . . to play the morning away with him. He ate up ALL the attention. Here are two precious pictures! Thanks for coming over! I love you both!

Don't mind David about to eat his caterpillar.

For my Mom . . .

My mom blessed me in the fall of '08 with a purchase of 80 bulbs. I planted them all, awaiting spring. I failed to snap many picture last spring, and they were more brilliant this year. She LOVES flowers, and she doesn't have much time to plant flowers, . . . so I am happy to plant some and take pictures of them for her. Here are a few mom . . . Thank you!

Turning 30

Brian has been teasing me for . . . well, since forever I think about turning 30, beings that I'm almost 2 years older than him. Stinker! Well, it finally came (and went). I have no shame about being 30. I definitely don't feel it, at least mentally. Sometimes my body feels about 80 :).

I'm very thankful for my 30 years. God has been very gracious to me, granting joy and strength even when the road ahead has seemed long and hard. He walks with us. I'm happy to have a wonderful husband, little boy, family, friends, church, . . . I enjoyed various birthday celebrations, and thank everyone for their love and support over the years!The incredible Master's Baker cake that Kim drove very far for! Yum!
Me, Joy & Kim
added by Dad and Tucker (the dog)
BFFs . . . Tamara & Krissy . . . at the Cheesecake Factory

Jenna's 25th

Jenna had a family shin-dig for her 25th at the Marriott hotel. We had a fun time together . . . and Jenna was pleased as punch to get lots of Tinkerbell stuff! She's a Disney-finatic!

The girls: Me, Jenna, Mer, Krista, Julie
Mike & Jenna
Grandpop & David

While Mommy was weeding . . .

Daddy and I played in the yard together . . . I always where my shades outside, otherwise I won't open my eyes. Mr. Sensitive!

Grammy Pammy & Granddaddy Steve

Pam & Steve are our covenant parents and therefore David's covenant grandparents :)! They have blessed Brian and I immeasurably: mentors, college and career leaders at church, our pre-marital counselors, career mentors, financial counselors, . . . found us the house we rent, . . . pretty much you name it! They joined us for dinner a few weeks back, and it was such a blessing to catch up with them. And, boy did David love their visit -- all smiles!!

More from Easter

Here are some additional pictures from our family time on Easter. We missed seeing a few family members, but it was still wonderful . . . celebrating our Savior's resurrection! Praise God for victory over the grave!

Look at me in my Easter duds!
Hanging with Pop-O
Thankful for Aunt Joy!
Standing up like a big boy :)