Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Joy's Sweet 16

Joy's Sweet 16 was a blowout. Per Joy's one birthday request, there was a moon bounce. There was also a DJ, a dance area, volleyball, a tent, and lots of family and friends. Kim did a great job planning, and I enjoyed helping! We had a blast, and Joy definitely enjoyed herself. We tried to keep it a surprise, but there were numerous "spoiling the surprise" moments . . . that we just had to roll with.

I cannot believe Joy is 16! (I feel so old). It's hard to not use joy when describing Joy, but she truly is joyful. She's has become a best friend to me. With 14 years difference, I don't know that I could say that about many people. I remember driving Joy around when she was just 2 years old. I remember drawing on the driveway with chalk together. I must confess Joy was VERY patient with me always playing with her Pantene-ProV hair. I loved caring for Joy and being her big sister. And, I love how she now helps care for me . . . comforting me during some very painful pregnancy issues last year, helping me with David ALL THE TIME, and just being a great friend to chat with with.

I could go on . . . but, here are some party pics :)

Arriving . . .
Surprise(ish) . . .
Milling around . . .
Joy and Mom (Kim)
Dad and Joy
Joy and Megan (BFF)
Me and Joy

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