Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vacation . . . where else but OBX

You should know by now, OBX is where we vacation :). (Our "OBX Clan" is pictured). We know the back roads, we know the shops that are worth shopping at, we know where you shouldn't go mini-golfing, we know where to go running in neighborhoods. We just love it there. It's becoming a home away from home. Oh, and did I mention that it's super affordable when you go with a few families?!! I could go on and on . . . but, I will spare you.

David definitely added a new aspect to vacation -- super fun and entertaining, but also more work than your pre-baby mind had ever anticipated. I still got up at 6am every day to feed David so that he would continue to take his 2 long naps which we worked around for beach and pool time. For us, that worked well. I would then take a nap at our pool (alone) while David napped.

David wasn't so sure about the ocean, but he did like both pools -- the baby pool we blew up on the beach (and filled with a little ocean water) and the pool at our house. My beach time was not particularly relaxing, but it was still wonderful. Brian and I both blessed each other with a non-David day to feel like we really had a break, and those days were wonderful for both of us! Brian and I also enjoyed our date night immensely -- ice cream, shopping, and watching the sunset!

I think I shed some of my last pregnancy pounds here running every day with Joy and Megan. I enjoyed that!

Here are *some* vacation pictures, . . . we probably took about 200.

David drove most of the way . . . and kept threatening to pull the car over if Brian and I didn't keep it down in the back.
Us on Jockey's Ridge
My bro's fam
My dad and step-mom :)
Our favorite girls: Joy (my sis) and Megan!
Loving the view from Daddy's shoulders
Fun in the pool
Like royalty . . . shaded and all
Beach time
My favorite pic of Bri from vacation

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