Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday Joy!

My precious sister turned 15 on 9/11. Yes, that is her birthday. It's a memorable day in many ways. We celebrated her birthday together today. I truly love Joy like she's my daughter and sister. Our 14 year age spread is priceless to me -- we have a blast together. We've become such great friends, and I can't believe she's getting so grown up. In a few words, Joy is: animated/dramatic, social/gregarious, frank with her thoughts, musical, well-read, thoughtful, bubbly, and our little fashionista. And, the coolest thing is leading her in youth group and Bible study and getting to see her grow spiritually. Happy Birthday my Joy!

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The Riggalls said...

Happy be-lated Joy! Great carrot cake by the way. It was deeeelicious!