Thursday, November 11, 2010

First haircut

Brian has a particular dislike for hair touching ears (on boys), so it was most obvious that David needed a few hairs snipped. His hair is a unique thing -- full on top and thin on the sides. So, the top is what really got the cut. Here is the scene: David sits in his bumbo seat (aka, the hair cutting seat) while playing with a coveted keychain (to distract him). Brian holds David head still (looks more like wrestling). And, I begin trying to cut his hair without clipping his ear off. It was a challenge. Thankfully, we all remained unscathed and David's haircut wasn't too bad. And, ironically once the haircut finished, fireworks started going off outside (who knows why?). It was monumental

Here is a "before" photo:

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Brooke said...

oh the haircuts! I have been in David's position many times but I hope I was less squirmy.