Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mom's 60th Birthday!

September is a birthday-full month for us! And, this year happened to be milestone birthdays for my sister and mom! My mom was especially deserving of a special birthday party. She couldn't remember the last one she had. We did it big folks . . . at a fun restaurant with lots of family and friends. (The cake is from Dingledein's Bakery if you're wondering --!). My bro and his family came up from Virginia, and we also had family in from Seattle and Canada! The highlight of the night though was sharing and hearing others share about how amazing my mom is and how many lives she has touched. It's quite remarkable. Did you know she has 3 masters degrees and a doctorate (MD and DO). She's quite accomplished!

Here are some fun pics from the evening . . .

Mom and Pop-Pop (her dad :)

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